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About us

Our Goal

Once we really got going in the business, a pattern emerged as we talked with people about cleaning their homes. It seemed that, though there were many people who cleaned in Blue Ridge, there weren’t very many who were willing to go the extra mile for people – to really be attentive to detail. People wanted someone who cared about their home and would treat it as if it were their own – someone who would be there when they couldn’t be. They wanted someone who was willing to hear their personal requests and preferences, and then follow through on executing them. So, that became our goal: to be the highest quality cleaning company in Blue Ridge. I’m sure there are some other companies doing a great job, so that might be a tall order, but when clients tell me that we’ve changed the way they feel about guests arriving, or that their rental home only works because of the job we’re doing, I know we’re well on our way, and I feel good about the direction we’re going as a company.

Our Guarantee

We do our best to ensure excellence every time. Our employees go through detailed training on how to achieve the results that represent our standards, and we are very clear in expressing our expectations. Each employee also must pass a drug test and background check. In a perfect world, that would be enough. Unfortunately, there are growing pains and learning curves, and sometimes, despite every effort, things happen and someone is disappointed with our performance. To show how serious we are in providing service at the level we promise, we’ve instituted a “short pay” policy. If someone is not satisfied with the work we do, we welcome the opportunity to return and correct when at all possible. If we have still not redeemed ourselves,  we tell them only to pay what they believe our work was worth as opposed to what we have invoiced them. We really want to retain the trust our clients have placed in us, and hope to create a relationship and a track record that builds confidence even when something negative occurs!

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